Our Team

Union is proud to be home to a skilled and well-versed team of stylists; we are an open workspace that allows stylists to be themselves. As part of Union’s collaborative team, all are encouraged to express their creative voice and share their talents, with clients and with one another.


Kara Pezzimenti

Owner / Master Stylist / Colorist

Hairdressing is my longtime happy place. I love the hands on nature of my work and the interaction with each individual. I am deeply dedicated to the collaborative process, with my clients and the Union team alike. For me, greatness happens in togetherness. Being a part of an industry that is constantly evolving is a gift... twenty years in and I remain grateful to feel challenged, and to be learning still, every day.

Suitability, balance and proportion are the most important factors in creating gorgeous, effortless hair. My style is current with a tendency towards the classics. I love soft, pretty and perfectly disheveled hair.  

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Alexis Nance

Master Stylist / Colorist / Smoothing Treatment Specialist

Why do I do hair? I love my clients and I love the connection I have with each one. People say getting their hair done is therapeutic...this goes both ways.  It is an unbelievable feeling to be part of an industry where I can work to help others feel good about themselves and continually gain new knowledge at the same time. I have always wanted to do hair and I am fortunate that I have the talent and the freedom to express myself in this manner.

Why Union: It is great to work somewhere that truly inspires my creativity, both individually, and in collaboration with all of the stylists at the salon. While we have so much fun in such a cool and playful environment, it is also very rewarding to see the flawless results, as well as experience the ongoing loyalty to Union by our dedicated clients.  

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Yumi Chalmers

Master Stylist / Colorist / Threading Specialist

The ultimate goal of hairdressing for me is to be a day-maker for every person who sits in my chair. When it comes to my work, I believe care and attentiveness best fuel my creative vision. When I blend that together with intentional hands, it gives me an opportunity to execute the right and desired look for each guest. Years of experience with a multitude of hair types has left me well rounded, well versed, and always eager to learn and perfect something new. My specialty is my attention to detail in every service from cut and color to eyebrow threading.

Why Union: I love working at Union because of the positive and supportive energy that is generated amongst everyone on the Union team. I am happy to be able to share in this energy myself, and then share it with my clients.  

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Lesley Ann Borg

Stylist / Colorist

Knowing that someone is in love with the way they look after I style their hair is the most rewarding part of my career. It is fulfilling to be able to brighten someone's day by doing something that I love. Hair has been a passion for me for as long as I can remember. My career began in Queens, New York, where I had the opportunity to work with all types of hair and create a diversity of looks. I have a fondness for color and cutting, and am very happy to be able to continue to share my work in Durham. Ongoing education is important to me, as trends continuously grow and evolve. My training has allowed me to provide clients with the latest trends in hair styling and enabled me to expand my techniques in order to achieve the best possible results!

Why Union: Union’s very positive energy and united environment allowed my creativity to freely flow through.   

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Raina Langley

Salon Coordinator / Product Facilitator

Why Union: Union is laughter every day with a strong and supportive group of women. I admire the love that the stylists share to make each and every client feel as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. The look a client gets when they feel amazing and it shines through on their face is always a favorite part of my workday.